2011: First edition of Lennart Johansson Academy Trophy
16 teams in 2 age groups, Boys -97 and Boys -98. AC Milan (-98) and Georgia National team (-97) won the first editions finals. The finals were broadcasted on Swedish television TV4.
Winners 2011
Class 97: Georgia National Team
Class 98: AC Milan

2012: Second edition. Age groups Boys -97, Boys -98 and Boys -99 Ajax joined the tournament with their talented age group -99. FC Barcelona joined the tournament for the first time and won against Red Star Belgrade in the final. All games were streamed on internet.
Winners 2012
Class Boys 97: RCD Espanyol
Class Boys 98: FC Barcelona
Class Boys 99: Ajax

2013: Third edition For the first time we added a girls class. AIK Girls -99 won the final against Atletico de Madrid.
Winners 2013
Class Boys 99: FC Barcelona
Class Boys 00: FC Porto
Class Girls 99: AIK Youth Academy

2014: Fourth edition Mexico National team joined the tournament. Mexico won against FC Barcelona with 2-1 in the final.
Winners 2014
Class Boys 00: Mexico National Team
Class Boys 01: FC Copenhagen
Class Girls 00: Madrid CFF

2015: Fifth edition RCD Espanyol won the girls final after the lost in 2014 against Madrid CFF. For the first time we had more than 20,000 unique viewers on internet.
Winners 2015
Class Boys 01: FC Barcelona
Class Boys 02: Rapid Wien
Class Girls 01: RCD Espanyol

2016: Sixth edition Paris Saint-Germain and Juventus FC won their first final in Lennart Johansson Academy Trophy.
Winners 2016
Class Boys 02: FC Barcelona
Class Boys 03: Juventus FC
Class Girls 02: Paris Saint-Germain

2017: Seventh edition With some heavy rain during the finals in Solna, Paok managed to beat Rapid Wien after penalty shooting in the final.
Winners 2017
Class Boys 03: FC Barcelona
Class Boys 04: Paok FC
Class Girls 03: RCD Espanyol

2018: Eight edition Spain, Spain, Spain… FC Barcelona and Atletico de Madrid won all three finals.
Winners 2018
Class Boys 04: FC Barcelona
Class Boys 05: Atletico de Madrid
Class Girls 04: Atletico de Madrid

2019: Ninth edition For the first time FC Bayern München joined the tournament. Paris Saint-Germain won the boys 14 final against FC Bayern München after some dramatic scenes.
Class Boys 05: Paris Saint-Germain
Class Boys 06: Inter Milan
Class Girls 05: RCD Espanyol